4 Nov


This course has really opened my eye to how earthquakes and volcanoes operate. Before taking this course, I thought that these events were a mystery and that they just happen without any explanation. The only thing I knew about earthquakes and volcanoes were their destructive nature, and how terrifying they are to people lives. After taking this course, it has taught me, that these things occur not because of some unknown causes, but by movement of the earth tectonic plate. The reason why earthquakes and volcanoes happen is due to fault lines and pressure beneath the earth. There is also a positive side to these natural destructive forces, creating new landscapes, mountains, fertile soil and rich mineral deposit. The course has helped me get a deeper understanding of how our earth works, and the realization that Gaia is alive.   Our world is in constant destructive and renewal state.

I realize now that the world is still very much connected, we may not be like Pangaea, but what happens in one area of the world affects us all. A volcano explosion thousands of miles  away, could change the temperature of the world. An earthquake in a middle of the ocean could mean a tsunami hitting the shore a thousand miles away. The plates underneath our feet are all connected, converging, diverging and sliding against each other in perpetual motion.  Our planet is alive and we are here just for a brief moment in earth existence.  What I come away from this course is a greater appreciation and respect of our amazing landscape, how it’s been shaped and molded over hundreds and thousands of years.  The natural disaster and elements that shape our world is  very important to life on earth with out it, everything could cease to exist. A life without these natural wonder of our planet is a  life unnatural.


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