Information Validation

How would you validate the information sent to you via a text message?

I would validate the text msg against my contact number, any other phone number I would consider spam.

I wouldn’t care to check the phone number, it just  text.

How would you validate a $25.00 check in the mail?

I would go to the bank that issue the check to validate the check, I wouldn’t let my bank do the validation, bank policy for check cashing has major flaws that could leave me liable if the check bounce.

I would just cash it and let the bank do the validation.

How would you validate information about a death of a close person?

I would just take a death certificate, or seeing the dead body as evidence of the person passing.

I would just ask someone else if it’s true or not.

How would you validate information you received from an email?

I would check the email address, the time signature and ip origin of the email.

I wouldn’t check it , if I received emailed from unknown sources.

How would you validate information from a local newspaper?

I would google the news, or check the websites of the news publisher.

I would accept the news report without verifying any further.

How would you validate information from local TV NEWS?

I would read multiple other news on the internet to see whether the news on tv is accurate or along the lines of what news I am receiving. I would check multiple sources for accuracy.

Don’t watch too much local news, so I wouldn’t care much about it.

How would you validate information from a website?

I would look at the websites ip address,see if the dns name is accurate .

I wouldn’t validate the website.

How would you validate information from a billboard?

 You can validate the billboard with the advertising company that posted it.

I wouldn’t care about a billboard information, just roadside spam.

How would you validate information given to you during a class from an instructor?

You can check what the instructor has taught you from your textbook or online information regarding what was taught to you.

I would trust that the instructor is accurate and correct in teaching the material.

This assignment was interesting, the whole idea of validation in our daily lifes is very important. I think much of the activities we do, we never validate the authenticity in it. I mean if we look at all the information we receive, is it all accurate and unbias, is it truth and honesty. Even today news seem to have a certain spin, or bias. Or maybe the education that we get in school might be inaccurate, or not whole. Like for textbooks that we read in school, the books might leave out things that the book publisher or the board of education might feel offensive. Over all I like this exercise in validating things in our life, makes us more gullible and naïve. The assignment helps us protect ourselves from possible con artist or Identity theft.


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