Who is Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the world wide web. He created the first website on the internet. The idea of hypertext- link network to one another, creating this document linking page on the internet.  The idea of Mr. Berners really changed the way the world interacted, the way social and political and daily lives of people changed.  The fascinating thing about Mr. Berners is his ability to understand what it takes to make technology work, and how he understood that by making his www free made it easy to make it grow. I think that impress me a lot about Mr. Berners, is that he chose to give this away for free without any royalties. I’m sure if he decided too, he could’ve made a lot of money off of it, but decided to give this ultimate gift to mankind without any profit. I was really surprised by what Mr.  Berners thought about search engine and what the internet really is. In Mr. Berners word, he describe the internet is like a big social network, where people connect to one another, and that search engines, give you results based on what your peers are looking at. The concept is very revolutionary  at that time, even though it seem simple now that we have 20 years of using it. I also now understood the importance of early adopters; imagine the very first phone, or the first email. Who would you call, who would you email, without these early adopters; it could be doomed right out of the starting gate.

Mr. Berners is very accomplished, from an early age, he was able to build his own computer and terminal. This surprised me at how advance he was from an early age, making his own monitor, and slowly writing codes for his computer. I didn’t think an individual could even put together a computer at that time, much less make the parts for it. It was astonished me when he told the story of how he started out with one electronic part, than relay, transistor, then the little chip. Slowly with each advancement in electronic technology, he was able to build his computer. One thing that really hit me , was Mr. Berners interpretation of social media , that social media is some what like www but with a closed door. As one social media sites gets bigger, the smaller sites grows into absurdity and vanished.

My everyday life has been directly affected by Mr. Berners contribution, the internet has been my source of connecting to the people, the information and things I need. I used it to talk to family in other countries. I search the web to find information that I am curious to learn about. I shop online to find reviews, comparison and values. The world wide web has been amazing improvement to humanity, like the Wrights brother with the airplane, or Karl Benz with the first car. The internet has established it self as a necessity in today life, an indispensable tool of humanity.

Mr. Berners-Lee many awards:


Kilby Foundation’s “Young Innovator of the Year” Award
ACM Software Systems Award (co-recipient)
Honorary Prix Ars Electronica
Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society
Awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE)
IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award
Duddell Medal of the Institute of Physics
Interactive Services Association’s Distinguished Service Award
MCI Computerworld/Smithsonian Award for Leadership in Innovation
International Communication Institute’s Columbus Prize
Charles Babbage award
Mountbatten Medal of the National Electronics Council
Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Prize from the Foundation for Science and Technology
PC Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award in Technical Excellence
MacArthur Fellowship
The Eduard Rhein Technology Award
Honorary Fellow, Institution of Electrical Engineers
Named “One of the 100 greatest minds of the century” by Time Magazine
World Technology Award for Communication Technology
Honorary Fellowship, The Society for Technical Communications
Paul Evan Peters Award of ARL, Educause and CNI
Electronic Freedom Foundation‘s Pioneer Award
George R Stibitz Computer Pioneer Award, American Computer Museum
Special Award for Outstanding Contribution of the World Television Forum
Sir Frank Whittle Medal, the Royal Academy of Engineering
Fellow,Royal Society
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Japan Prize, the Science and Technology Foundation of Japan
Prince of Asturias Foundation Prize for Scientific and Technical Research (shared with with Larry Roberts, Rob Kahn and Vint Cerf)
Fellow, Guglielmo Marconi Foundation
Albert Medal of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Art, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)
Knighted (KBE) by H.M. the Queen for services to the global development of the Internet
Millennium Technology Prize
Special Award of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Member, American Philosophical Society
Common Wealth Award for Distinguished Service for Mass Communications
Die Quadriga Award
Financial Times Lifetime Achievement Award
President’s Medal, the Institute of Physics
Awarded the Order of Merit by H.M. the Queen
Charles Stark Draper Prize, National Academy of Engineering
Lovelace Medal, British Computer Society
D&AD President’s Award for Innovation and Creativity
MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) Leadership Award
Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering
BITC Award for Excellence
IEEE/RSE Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Award
Fellow, IEEE
Pathfinder Award, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences
Webby Awards Lifetime Achievement Award
UNESCO Niels Bohr Gold Medal Award
The Mikhail Gorbachev Award
DAMA Web Awards, Bilbao Web Summit
Honorary Degrees:
 Parsons School of Design, New York (D.F.A., 1995)Southampton University (D.Sc., 1995)

Essex University (D.U., 1998)

Southern Cross University (1998)

Open University (D.U., 2000)

Columbia University (D.Law, 2001)

Oxford University (D.Sc., 2001)

University of Port Elizabeth (DSc., 2002)

Lancaster University (D.Sc., 2004)

University of Manchester (2008)

VU University Amsterdam (2009)

Harvard University (2011)


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