American Civilization

This was an essay written for American Civilization Question ” what was the most important event in American history ?”

The most important event in American history would be the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a struggle not just for independence but also equality. The event not only created a nation founded on democratic principle but also created a shockwave effect around the world. The 4th of July is honored just for this reason, it was a day in history where people stood up against a king and declared their freedom.  The Declaration of Independence helped create America and the American identity. The Declaration also infused this idea of self-governess, unalienable rights Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and the most important rights “the right of revolution”.

The American Revolution laid the seed to rise up against the monarchy system. This idea of having a government govern and elected by the people established a new precedent. The revolution had left a long lasting and deep impression on all people around the world, it had instilled in them, the idea that freedom and self-determination is worthy struggle. The revolution spread like a wildfire, sparking revolution in the hearts of people all around the world. The idea of Democracy and representation by the people for the people, created the end for the monarchy system of government. It helped inspired the French Revolution, the Mexican Revolution, and the Colonies of Spain to declare independence.

The power behind all these revolution is the idea of the social contract and the natural law, this concept was created by a Philosopher John Locke. Locke argued that government power is given by the consent of the people, the government acts on behalf of the people and that all men are created equal and no one is above another. John Locke’s idea was so profound that if we were to look at the declaration of independence and the United States Constitution we would see his influence. The reason for this is, our founding father was heavily influence by Locke’s philosophy, they admired and incorporated it into America basic foundation. The idea of such a system can be seen all over the world now, for people crave the American freedom and Democracy.

There can be no argument that the American Revolution was the most important event in American history, and if not the world history. It created a new idea of represented-government and self-rule, and natural law, that challenge the status quo of that time, and it impact is still seen today. If one were to turn on the news, and look to the Middle East, we can witness as people rise up against their oppressive government, and dictator and demand Democracy, they demand their right of revolution. In Egypt, mass demonstration of people and called for change forces Hosni Mubarak to steps down after 30 years of reign and In Tunisia President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali steps down after 24 years. All across the middle east , from Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, morocco, to Africa Sudan and Western Sahara ; people demand Democracy. So on the 4th of July when we all gather together with family and friends,enjoying ourg barbeque, and waving our flag; we should remember the struggles for freedom.


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