English 1010


                      When the final pages were finally typed and the last period was added, I knew I had come a long way from home and something great was in my hand. The satisfaction and completion of the final assignment made me feel victorious. After a long and agonizing research, followed by many rough drafts I was able to incorporate everything into one. This essay has got to be one of the best research papers I have ever written.  This course has been very instrumental in not just improving but challenging my writing and reading comprehension. I feel a lot stronger about my writing ability and literary skills having achieved a new higher standard. The grading critique of the class established the need to go beyond what one is comfortable with; asking the student to not only write his best but try to surpassed it. I felt that emotion every time when I turned in assignments and received constructional feedback from my instructors. This back and forth dialogue aspire the academic achiever within me to chase a deeper enlightenment in pursuit of knowledge.  The research paper represented the literary proficiency I had learned throughout this course, critical thinking, rhetorical analysis and structural comprehension became ingrained in my consciousness.

This assignment was amazing for me; it helped me understand the ramification of historical discrimination and the incorporations of many ethnic groups into America assimilation. My Americanization class had dealt with acculturation and assimilation among the different ethnic immigrants to the Natives American of North America, from marginalization to acceptance. The policy of discrimination against minorities group, have historically shaped the community, politics and fundamental of American civil rights. The assignment depicts after many generations of racial inequalities and denial of basic services, minorities became second class citizen facing a new double standard.  This injustice of different groups is a cycle of intolerance that repeat throughout history, as one group after another becomes the piñata of American oppression.

After completing the assignment, I realized that the world isn’t fair or equal. The movement for equality and equal opportunity continues to be fought ever day in America. The promise of the great society to end poverty and racial injustice still evades us. The need to fix all these issues is for us to look at the status quo and say “this isn’t right.” The society that we live in should be the one that we inspire to, not the one that we settle for.

The project really demonstrated that success in writing is incremental. Learning to incorporate critical thinking, structural composition with rhetorical appeals aids in the writer ability to not only express his ideas but vocalize this mind. Throughout the course, I notice my own writing skills being more polished and refined than before. I can attest to this upshot by looking at the grade on essays that I have written for other classes. Using the fundamentals that I have acquired in English 1010, I applied them to other applications and have reaped the dividends of my education. The assignment was a great building block but I attributed most of my success to my great professor, whose wisdom and dedication has influence me to succeed in becoming a better writer. The great poet Robert Frost once said “There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can’t move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.”


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