English 2010


When I started this course, I wasn’t sure if the service learning and this class would actually teach me anything more than what I have done before in 1010. The material covered in this course was the same book that we used in the previous class. It wasn’t anything new to me but after taking the course, I realize I was learning a lot more about civic duties and writing for public audience. The writing purpose change quite a bit for me, as I learn more about not just writing but delivering the message you want.

The first project of the course was the meme, and I wasn’t sure what a meme was from the start. After looking at different examples and seeing how rhetoric the message a meme can deliver. I pick a hot topic which was controversial and relevant to today publics which is gun control. After the series of school shooting, was it time for America to change its law on guns? At first I wanted to used an image with a teacher carrying a rifle, keeping watch over the kids. But I realize that I wanted to target a bigger audience, not just school related. I went with an old picture from a classic movie “gun crazy”. The image shows a woman toting a gun and her expression depicted the emotional state she was in. For me the image expressed what I thought about the whole gun control supporter view, is any talk about gun law would invoke them emotional like that. I thought it was a good meme, however I didn’t look at it from a female point of view, which was the meme stereotype woman as being crazy. I never even thought of that, but I really like the vintage look of the meme and kept it. Maybe a new picture of a man going crazy would be more political correct.

The position paper was a lot of fun to write and it really interested me to do more research on the immigrant workforce in America. Having volunteer with the refugee center organization, it was really good topic for me to do work on , and having a background as an immigrant myself. I felt I had a deeper understanding and experience to persuade my audience. The paper really used logos and ethos well, delivering my message to the audience why immigration is good for this country. Using this step by step approach during the paper helps, persuade my audience about the benefits and incentive to immigrations. I also felt by using a lot of name recognition, or brand, it would resonate more in the minds of the reader. It’s better to say common house hold name, than just company A and B. By the end of the paper, I felt it was sharp and delivered what my position was. During the peer reviews, there wasn’t much to revise except some small grammar here and there, otherwise I felt the paper was solid on the message, that America needs immigrants.

The research paper was really the most interesting project of this course for me. I am always curious about learning new things and the subject of bullying was on top of my list. I heard about bullying quite abit on television after the recent events of sucides and I wanted to learn more about it. One thing when I first started to do the research was to discover what has changed that made bullying so much worse now than it has been. I used the slcc database to compile my research and the local newspaper incident of the bullying suicide that happen in Utah. I think this incident is what prompt me to learn why you would end your life when your so young. The audience of the paper would be students and parents most of all because I felt like, bullying is often brushed off as a hazard of school life. In the paper, I used pathos to invoke the feeling of empathy in the reader. By giving the details that lead up and the circumstances of the victims, I create a feeling of understanding for the reader. I wanted to show the reader why bullying is so bad today and what lead up to the breaking point. Using statistic from the my research, I back up my pathos with logos and ethos. This help ensure the reader, what their reading is true to the fact. One of the objective of the research paper was to tie it to a local community event. Making it local, had a stronger and more relative feeling for the audience reading this piece. I thought this was a great idea, to tie it into what’s happening around the valley.

The proposal piece for me was a way a little bit harder than those other pieces, since I never really written a proposal paper ever. The idea behind my proposal has a lot to do with the organization I volunteer for. I wanted a place that exemplifies the multiculturalism that Utah has to offer. My friend told me about the Polynesian center in Hawaii and how much tourist visit that place. The idea then hit me, that we should build one in the Peace garden. I always visit the peace garden for it’s diverse portrayal of different cultures through their art, statues, architectures and designs.  The paper focus on building a big cultural center that would be a destination for not only tourist but local Utahans who wanted to enrich themselves with other cultures. During the peer reviews, some road blocks came up, one being the cost, and the other is how to fund it. I realized finding the financial capital for a project would always be tax paper funded, this drew criticism because of the economy. I really hate this argument that economy is bad so there’s no money. Of course there is always money because if everybody stop buying and building , the economy is done for. I came back in the piece with a proposal for funding by donors or private investor. I believe a center like this would be great, since bigger cities like Chicago own cultural center is the destination for many people and helps promotes the city diversity.  One of my peer reviews suggested that I talk about how stereotyping can be removed if people learn more about other. I really didn’t think much about racism during the proposal but it was a good idea to talk about a moral advantage of having that center.  In the end of the piece, I created a map of the map with google earth, then outline it with traffic map. I gave many ways to fund the project and how much it would help the community. I used logos quite a bit, since you have to convince why this project would be worthwhile to everyone. The audience for this piece is the Utahans who would benefit the most out of this.

Group argument project was probably the hardest one to do, it was really interesting the way it started out. The group we started was too large so we splinter off, originally it was about housing and then it went to wages. The delivery and media choices made this also one of the more interesting to do since we could decide how to deliver our argument. At first we wanted to do paper and perhaps the usual power point but during our peer reviews, a good idea was to make it multimedia . By going digital we can create a blog and flyer. The flyer will help get the msg out while our blog would be more in dept. The great part was getting the url name with our project. This made it a lot easier to remember for the reader. Our target audience is the worker who get paid minimum wages. By posting flyers on campus and at my organization , we can help bring awareness. Our target was to get people to write and tell their senator they want a raise. Along the way we had some issues, one being we didn’t get to have group time. It’s been my experience that working in a group is good and bad, good part being we share the work, the bad part is you have to trust the other person to do their job. In the end ,everything work out great, minus the meme I think. The most interesting man in the world is used way too much for meme. Using a meme in our flyer with a our argument on our blog and hyperlinks to visual media helped us a lot. I like this multimedia delivery of our argument to the reader.

In the end of the course I would have to say I really enjoyed the service learning and civic literate nature of this class. I wouldn’t have done any of this , if it wasn’t for getting involved and focusing on the local events affecting my community. I believe when you start noticing the things around you and not just what’s happening elsewhere, you start discovering new things you didn’t know. After taking this class, I feel more confident in writing to a public audience and using rhetoric to disseminate my writing.


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