Proposal paper

Cultural Peace Center


The Salt Lake International Peace Garden serves as a reminder of the diversity of all the culture that lives in Utah. The park show cases the different art and architectures from around the world as you take a walk on its guided path. As beautiful as the park is, it lacks the true the celebration of these different ethnic groups. Besides the beautiful statues and building, there’s nothing more to offer in terms of cultural enrichment. What the park needs is a Cultural center building.

Utah is home to many different ethnicities and there is currently over 25,000 refugees living here in the state. The park is supposed to showcase that broad diversity of cultures; however, what we get are buildings, bridges, statues and flags that offer little of any information about the diversity we have in Utah. The problem with the park is there is no feeling of experiencing a different culture. All you get is a glimpse of what things look like here and there. Outside the park is a set of playgrounds, a greenhouse and parking spot. The rest of the park is underutilized, as the garden is hidden in the back. If one were to drive by the park, you wouldn’t know there is a peace garden.

By building a Cultural Center within the park, you can educate people and share the rich heritage that makes Utah diverse. The center can help educate the public with more in-depth history of the people that immigrated to Utah. It would serve as a story of Utah Immigrants that came and settle in the valley. The center would help educate the public on the rich and diverse heritage of Utah, but also be utilized as a community focus point for different ethnic groups.

Throughout the state of Utah there are many different cultural centers, but these centers focus mainly within their own ethnic community. In order for Utahans to learn about all the different cultures living in the state, they would have to drive all over the valley visiting each one. Instead of that, we can have all of these different groups represented here in the cultural center under one roof.

This localization will help the interaction and communication between different cultures. When people interact and there is dialogue we can have more tolerance for what make us different from one another and rid the prejudice of stereotype.

The center will help enrich the community not only through education and beautification but also through drawing more traffic to the area. The center will also help raise the property value of houses near it, and increase consumer traffic for businesses.

Imagine the cultural center as multilevel building of different cultures that share Utah as their home. Each level of the building will represent the background history, pictures, artifacts and information about the group and their migration to Utah. The center will be part museum, and part community service center dedicated to teaching youth about their own heritage. The building will have that modern architectural design that draws people to it, much like the redesigned city library downtown. Here a few different pictures of cultural center around the world to help us visualize what can be.



The Jordan Park, where the Peace Garden is located has plenty of room for the cultural center to be built upon. The park is large enough for a further development without reducing the capacity of the park to serve as a recreational center for the neighborhood. The cost of the cultural center can be funded through grants, federal, state, or donations from different cultural communities. The money could also be raised through a temporary tax increase to fund it. Opponent will always say there is no money to fund this project, due to the economy. If we listen to this, then there will never really be a good time to invest in our community because economy is always going through boom and bust. The center can pay for itself by charging for admission.

The cost of the center can range from hundreds of thousands to a few million depending on what the final project looks like. The cultural center in Chicago cost 2 million dollars to build. The return on that investment is one of the most popular attractions in the city and a venue for hosting prestigious guest.

Investing in the Cultural center is a great way to redevelop a community. The park can bring life back to a community that long has been ignored and often forgotten about. The Peace Garden, and the cultural center can become a tourist destination for tourists. It can also serve to exemplify the rich diverse cultures of this state.


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