HLAC – Lifelong Wellness Application Paper


 What did you learn about “lifelong wellness” from taking this activity class?

I learned that life long wellness depends on your dedication to exercise and good nutrition. Having taken this class I notice the muscle and strength that I gain had gradually increase. I lost weight and felt stronger but during the spring break where there was no class, I gain back the weight. The goal is to continue exercise and proper diet long after this class over to maintain long term wellness.



How would you apply this information to your life?

I would apply strength training and proper diet to my daily life , to maintain a healthy and long life. The exercise not only help make me maintain a strong and fit body but also keeps me from being weak or easily hurt doing work. I believe this class not only prepared me for a healthy lifestyle but also for my work where the requirement is very physical.



What is your intention to continue to exercise in your life and why?

I intend to continue this exercise throughout my life and become better. I want to build muscle and tone down my body. I know it’s possible now to achieve all this with the right exercise regiment. Before taking this class, I didn’t know if it was possible to achieve this in the short time, but I know now for a fact that if you apply yourself and keep a log of your exercise you can maintain and shape your body to what you want it to become. After this class ends, I intend to find a gym to work out and carry on with my exercise.


General ideas for improving this course?

I feel this course doesn’t really need much improvement but I think it would be really interesting if we had a little more understanding of our body. If we did BMI and test to  see how much body fat we had. I know during the course we had people do some of it, but not everyone had the chance to go try it. Maybe that would be improvement, but overall I  think the class is fine the way it is.


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