Creative Project

This was my creative project I did for Humanities. The painting is of a statue called Sleeping Buddha. It’s a watercolor over graphite ,with a bit of charcoal. The statue of Sleeping Buddha is a symbolic moment in Buddha life, when he has achieved Nirvana and left his earthy body behind.

Reflection Humanities

When I first took Humanities and the question asked to me what is   Humanities? I thought that humanities is the world, everything that is mankind. After finishing the course I have to come to realize that what Humanities truly is, it is us. The stories we read, the article and essay, it’s all really about us. We aren’t really unique or different, our stories isn’t really just us about us. I came to such a conclusion to realize, my own life isn’t really any different from what I read from the book. The house on “Mango Street”, that is my house. Even if it was fiction, it is my story in it, and I can deeply relate and reflection everything that was said in it. I know my house wasn’t on mango, but the story of the immigrant life, the start of a new life in America, family ties and struggle to make it.

It’s really my story, my family story. The Essay “A China man chance”, it really invoke a lot of the emotion I thought about how society and the world might be when you are in the minority. I now know that these fear are not mine alone, but were shared by many other peoples. I know that when one talks about the American dream is it really open to all that seek it, or is just those born with white skin and eye colors that are lighter than our owns. These fear and the possibilities of one own destiny rest more upon one ability to go after what they want. I know that now, from seeing that the world is not the same place as it was years ago. Times have changed, and boundaries pushed with each generation, with one’s own conviction to pursue our own dream. It’s not a china man chance, but it’s an American Chance. For America is still a self-made country, where a man can become whatever he chooses to be, to want what he dreams. No other place is that more true than here in my country. From all the things I have learned from humanities ,the most single important is that , humanities teaches us through the eyes of those before us, to let us know, we are all one, no matter the difference we think we have . May it be religion, War, Art, Literature, we’re not that different from one another, like the reading of    “Shakespeare in the bush”, two different world, but the plot is the same.


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